Saturday, October 04, 2008

This's, That's, and Other Things

Yeah well, it's Saturday. What can you expect.

I had piles to do this morning and have spent (wasted) much of the time not getting those things accomplished. I wanted to finish up a set of keys to get them shipped, but a repair that had been previously made did not satisfy me and I spent loads of time working on the one key and now glue is drying and I won't get them finished in time to ship today. All because of one key. I did get to the bank for some cash to disappear in to the gas tank of my truck. Optimistically, gas prices have dropped some, even in Rockport. I guess I got one or two drops more in the tank today. 'A' got a ride (from me, of course) to the library to return a couple books, then to the local 'five and dime' for some blank cassette tapes. Picked up a newspaper, too. I would much rather have walked the errands but I've got allergy annoyance today. The wind has been rather stiff and it's stirring up all the mold spores. Sniffle, sniffle, sneeze and sneeze. Ordinarily, we *do* enjoy walking in town. That would have made the gas in the truck thingy a little awkward though, too. 'A' goes to work for 2 p.m. and from there I'll be heading back to the mall to exchange a shirt I bought on Thursday. Tried one color on, figured I could use two of different colors, picked up the second (same size) and paid. Foolish, foolish me. ALWAYS try on. Never assume that the manufacturer would consider making a size the same each time.

David, remember him? Of course not. Well, David was the third owner of the Minoan and got in touch with me here last year about having a lot of pictures. I had no way to contact him other than a response on the blog. Anyway, David got back to me saying that he had loaded a lot of his Minoan pictures in to his computer and would I like to see some. Yep, sure. That was two or three days ago. Nothing yet, maybe it will be another year. Who knows.

(Update: The first photo arrived from David. Yay! Hope to see more. Thanks, David.)

Gee, my mind is really going. Something I wanted to tell you came to mind while I was writing that last it's gone. Drat. And now I've reread that paragraph four times hoping to jog my memory and.....nothing.

Funny thing has just happened. My cursor has jumped ship. Weird feeling to be typing, look up and have nothing blinking there at me. Wonder where it's hiding (and why)?

Aha!!!! Got it! What I was going to say! While we've been traveling up to Skip's this year we've taken the time to check out our old houses. We've been by the house in Groveland and the one in West Newbury. They look horrible. Not just that we don't enjoy the same taste as the subsequent owners, I mean really nasty. Needing paint, needing cleaning, new roofs, windows, and de-trashing. Really. Can't imagine living in the messes that they have become. We keep a particular eye on the Groveland house as that's where I grew up, having lived there for fourteen years. If it ever goes on the market and there is an open house, we're going to be there checking it out. Four of the seven houses that my folks have owned have been neglected.

Now wasn't that worth the wait for me to remember that tidbit? Hah.

Onward to the rest of the day and lack of accomplishment.

On the plus cursor is back!

Just so you know, I'm writing about anything and everything I can think of that is not about Sarah Palin...just can't go there in print.

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