Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Quirky Bot Thingy

Those of you that have been computing for more than a week understand that search engines have little bot thingies that run around the vast internet world and find all those keywords, images, video clips, and sound bytes on web sites, blogs, and the like, and those search engines save and store their findings just in case someone just might want to know about something. So when you take a look at, say, the ClustrMap on this blog you may wonder why some folks have stopped by for a visit. Granted the new map doesn't show much, but last year's was pretty good.

I decided to investigate and here's some things I found out recently. Mentioning Mel Gibson got my blog as a result in quite a few searches, as did Newburyport. The funny one was the person who had used the words harmony AND squirt as the keywords in their search. Even Google's bot showed up in it's travels! Mentioning Sarah Palin got me nowhere. Too many hits in a search, I guess.

It sort of makes me want to tease the bots. A post of just interesting likelihood to be hits keywords. Will me saying that I have an interest in Cuban architecture get me any new and interesting readers? How about my love of classic ragtime? If you are out there folks, come and visit!


dickiebo said...

I am a Cuban Architect and I simply loooove classic ? Ragtime - whatever that is.
Pleese can we meat?
Alfa November Uther.

deb said...

Steak or are you chicken?

dickiebo said...

I said to B only yesterday, that I think my steak days are coming to an end! I seem to be running out of suitable teeth for chewing!
God! What are we coming to?

deb said...

In the last couple of months I've paid out $550.00 to my dentist. He has now recommended another $300.00 worth of work. The well is dry, it's not going to happen this year!