Thursday, October 02, 2008

In Review

You may (or maybe not) have noticed that the 'Recent Reads' has changed. It is now "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" and I have also provided the link to the website if you click on the book cover.

Why did I pick this book? It's about a boy. It's about breeding and training dogs. It's about life in the rural upper midwest.

Nothing that I was particularly interested in reading.

The author was interviewed on the 'Today' show. During the brief interview, I got the feeling that there was more to this book. And there was.

It is an exquisitely written novel of struggle, joy, family, heart, understanding, grief, and adventure. It's 566 pages that I just couldn't put down. A modern tragedy. Haunting.


dickiebo said...

A tragedy? No, no. Must have a happy ending, for me! No wonder you've been a little morose lately! And I thought that it was simply Mandy playing you up!

deb said...

I was hoping for a happy ending, as well. However, as a literary piece the ending written was far superior.

If 'A' could get to me I'd have been buried long ago!