Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Christmas Grump

Don't know what it is about this time of year. Maybe it started years ago with the "be good, Santa's watching" ploy of most parents, maybe it's been amplified by living in the cold of a northern winter when sun and warmth are desired. Maybe it's not having a dad around. Whatever it is, 'A' is an absolutely grumpy and snitty person by the time November rolls around. Seems like it's been every year though I'm sure when she was much younger things were different. There's no getting around it. Confrontation is useless, humor not appreciated. Ignoring solves nothing. Nothing solves anything. It sort of makes it contagious. I used to love the holidays and could hohoho spirit even 'A' merrily along.

Not so much anymore and it makes me grumpier than I'd like. Not that I like being grumpy at all, but being cynical does sometimes cross over. Anyway.............

Today was supposed to be a fun day off. Whatever was I thinking????? 'Tis the season.

The three girls were to travel around checking out a few holiday fairs. 'A' took her sweet time rousing herself this morning. Stalled breakfast. Moped around a bit and then declared she wasn't going.

Fine. As mom and I headed towards the door I heard 'A' comment, "I'll get ready now."
Tough luck, we're ready to go, you are too late, see ya.

Mean, you think? Well, we've been this route for many a year. Doesn't set well with this mom. Will she ever learn? Doubtful.

So mom and I looked at two holiday fairs. The first was too small, out of the way, and not well advertised. The second was too far away and humongous-ly too large! No, I'm really not exaggerating. An entire elementary school crammed full. The cafeteria, two gyms, five classrooms, the library, and eight hallways. Overkill. (yeah, more holiday grump)

When we got home around noon, 'A' cruised downstairs to get some lunch. Still sullen. I reminded her that we needed a trip to the library and asked what time she thought she could be ready. See that cynicism creeping in don't you? Since she thought that 4 p.m. would be a good time, I used MY time wisely tuning my piano (desperately needed) and repairing a drawer glide that had broken in my mom's kitchen. I made a business call to New Orleans and there will be another set of keys arriving the end of the week. 'A' made her appearance at the designated time and I seized the opportunity of her actually DOING SOMETHING by making the library trip a bit more interesting. Sneaky.

This afternoon was the tree lighting ceremony in town. First, at 3:45, Santa arrives on a lobster boat at T-Wharf. He walks, encompassed in a slowly moving mass of children and parents, to Dock Square where there is some fanfare and then the tree is lit for the first time at 4 p.m.. Carols are then sung. So.......since 'A' wanted to buy a newspaper, I suggested that we simply walk, from the library to Tuck's Main Street store, to purchase it. Yay, fresh air and holiday spirit rubbed off just a little. Town was packed like a summer's day. Tuck's was packed like two summer's days! Not a newspaper to be had. Well, drat. Guess that means we'll have to walk to the Rockport Market via Dock Square (wink).Through throngs of people we could see our town's tree all lit up. Traffic had been blocked for the ceremony and we could waltz down the middle of Main Street.Tuck's Candy Factory was swarming with shoppers and as we walked by the window looking in at the crowd, I was very glad that I wasn't working! We walked up Broadway behind a young family. A little girl about 5 years old was skipping along swaying a blinking, butterfly adorned wand in her hand. I teased 'A' that she should have one (she loves butterflies). 'A' actually giggled. Our moods were lighter. Rockport Market had a pile of newspapers still on the shelf and we bought ours and headed home. Once back home the lightness faded and Ms. Grump returned. Oh, to survive the holidays!


Annette said...

I wonder if 'A' is suffering with SAD. Winter depression.
I've heard a lot of people suffer wiht this and don't even realize it.

dickiebo said...

Get away with you! ALL women are like that!

deb said...

Bah Humbug.