Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Short Odd Ends

Butterfly puzzle

As I've been cruising around reading various blogs over the past few weeks, I decided to make note of some of the more interesting word verification words. As advance fun, I suggest we come up with creative definitions for some of these 'words'. They are: Mushwore, Arbish, Papteded, Artigi, Anonise, Fractat, Whersup, Blevano, Plaucin, Euphish, Mallata, and Hecte.

May I start with: Mushwore - a fungal disease, Artigi - a really super South Pacific island, Anonise - speaking anonymously, Whersup - similar to whassup? but location specific, Plaucin - little known French Impressionist.

Interestingly, Mallata and Hecte didn't set off the spell check.

'A' and I headed for Bed, Bath, and Beyond today to exchange a blanket for my mom. We had mistakenly bought her a down blanket when she had wanted a down alternative blanket. Don't know what the alternative is but it says it's in there. Anyway, we had a Rock & Roll journey. The round trip included old favorites such as Louie, Louie and Wild Thing. Then Chuck Berry performing Sweet Little Sixteen, Roll Over Beethoven, Reelin' and Rockin', Mabelline, Johnny B. Goode, and School Day (?), among a lot of others.

Picked up my last check at Tuck's. A measly 3.5 hours. Used my Christmas bonus...$25 of 'Tuck's Bucks' and bought another 1000 piece puzzle, some envelopes and a card. The puzzle is of a floral filled cat tapestry. It will be the last puzzle before I start on income taxes for us all. I need the table!


Annette said...

yes, some of those word verications can be hilarious.
I wonder if they actualy mean anything or is it just a collection of random letters?

deb said...

They are supposed to be a collection of random letters. I did have one once that was very close to my full name. That was sort of spooky.

dickiebo said...

We get a goodly collection of random letters - from Insurance Companies, Energy Companies, Double-Glazing Com...... But, I expect you know that!
Happy New Year, Deb.

deb said...

Okayyyyyyy. Started that celebrating a bit early, did ya, Dickiebo?