Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It shaping up to be a nasty week, yet in the midst of it all work has picked up. I can't enjoy it though. Because of the rest. On Monday at work, I got at call from my mom. She wasn't feeling well and wanted me to take her to the doctor. She had canceled her appointment with the back specialist - another problem she/we are dealing with - sort of. Anyway, I got out of work, juggled picking 'A' up from her work during the doctor visit, got mom home, went back to work. All in all I missed 2.5 hours! Doctor couldn't find anything wrong. She has rescheduled her back doctor for Thursday and I'll have to drive her there. That'll do in an entire morning!

As I said, work has picked up. I had a set of keys arrive on Saturday from New Orleans. I worked extra long hours and they will get shipped back tomorrow. I had two jobs today. One was a minor adjustment and some troubleshooting. No charge as this is a good customer. The other was one of 'my' church pianos. I do those as tithe. A new customer tuning tomorrow. That's in the morning. A meeting at Friendly's in the mid-afternoon to pick up a set of keys for a big job. Another tuning booked for Friday morning when we are to have a big snowstorm. I guess we're due. We got nothing of the mess of ice storm that the rest of northern New England had last week. At least the tuning is nearby. I could walk to it if the driving were to be too treacherous.

I've forgotten to mention Saturday's holiday fair. I didn't make much money, but at least I didn't lose any on the table rental. Five necklaces and one package of notecards sold. I'd do it there again. People are starting to remember I've been doing them and that helps the word-of-mouth business. Several people said that either I should be an exhibiting member of the art association or have a gallery in town. I'll admit to enjoying the ego boost! Guess that was worth the small profit.

But the worst of the week. Today my uncle died. Yes, he was 92. I'm pretty sure he was ready. The rest of us not so much. He'll be buried at the Bourne National Cemetery. He'll join my aunt. My dad is there, as well. I guess we won't be at the funeral. We should be. Mom's back pain and her illness are the major reasons we won't be there.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.


mary said...


So very sorry to hear that your Uncle died. I will keep you and the family in my thoughts and prayers. There never is a "right" time to have our loved ones leave us.

God bless you and may your busy week ahead go as smoothly as possible. Let's hope it is rain, not the sleet and snow predicted.

deb said...

Thanks, Mary. My uncle lived longer than he wanted. Once my aunt died, that was it for him.

Anyway, I've had enough snow - seeing as it gave us a coating during the wee hours and at least 6 inches predicted for Friday. I'm ready for summer now........anytime!