Friday, December 26, 2008

Just Wondering

How come there are three partially used rolls of toilet paper in our bathroom? And not one of them is on the holder! Count 'em. One on the edge of the tub (the largest-papa bear), one balancing on the holder (mama bear), one on the back of the toilet (baby bear).

Yeah, I'm tired. I think I'll go read. I finished The Shack, now I'm reading Water for Elephants. Reports someday. Night night.


dickiebo said...

C'mon Deb! Are you counting toilet-rolls to get to sleep now? Far better you count the cash that's gonna be comin' in next week. Where're we goin'??
PS. New Year's resolution for A; I must walk to work to keep fit.

deb said...

Okay dickiebo...

At least sleeping is going well!

Someplace where it's warm. Where folks don't know what a heater looks like.

No plowed sidewalks and too much plowed snow. Wish she'd get her license.

elizabeth down the street said...

Imagine A in possession of a motor vehicle and all that would entail... ;-)

I find our bathroom with the same three partial rolls of toilet paper, too!

deb said...

Yeah, SHE'd have to go out and shovel her own car out!

Yes, it might be worrisome but I'd survive that....being nice and cozy at home while she cleans snow off and drives back in the dark and cold.