Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Yesterdays, Today, Tomorrow Days

So Saturday totally threw off my day calculating. I'm off a day because I worked at Tuck's an extra day, Saturday. I spent from 10 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon wrapping candy canes and ribbon candy in long cellophane sleeves and little satin sticks in cellophane bags. I estimated about 400 candy canes, 30 lbs of ribbon candy and 30 lbs of satin sticks! Believe it or not, it was fun. I got to watch all the crowds come through the factory to watch the candy cane making and ribbon candy making demonstrations and I didn't have to wait on one person!

Sunday I worked by myself at the retail side of the candy factory. It was a calm day. Just enough business that it wasn't too boring and quiet enough that there was time to rest.

Monday I worked at the 'Main' store, retail again.

I really felt the extra day in my shoulders and feet (and brain). Another three day stint next week. Sunday solo at the factory, Monday and Tuesday main store. 'Tis the season.

I finished a dozen more necklaces and redesigned some displays and signage. I'm now a member, albeit a contributing member, of the Rockport Art Association and I needed to include that information in some of the handouts and on my 'Meet the Artist' placard.

A set of keys was due to arrive early this week. Monday came and went. I thought for sure that they would arrive today. I got home after dark (Christmas shopping) and found a large box at my door. It was HEAVY and I could barely maneuver it in through the door. What on earth kind of keys were these, I wondered? I looked at the label to find that the box belonged to the "other number 5". I gave them a call to come retrieve the box, which they did using a wheeled luggage carrier. No keys. Maybe tomorrow.

The fall clean-up guys were supposed to come on Monday. Tuesday if Monday's weather was bad. Hah. Maybe tomorrow?

Christmas shopping should be done. Except.......two little things for mom that I just can't seem to find. And now a return trip to Target because I bought the wrong DVD for 'A'. She wanted WS (widescreen) and I mistakenly bought FS (full screen). I had a brain glitch. I knew she wanted WS. Just what I need in the morning, hauling back to the mall.

On Thanksgiving Eve I had a phone call for a tuning job. A repeat customer with a teeny, old, grand piano they brought from England with them. Brain glitch again. I scheduled the tuning for this Friday, KNOWING that I had never ordered the #1 star tip for my tuning lever that I really DO need to make the tuning job easier and the tuning more stable. (This piano has smaller sized tuning pins than the 'norm'). No problem I thought, I'll place an order by phone, on Friday.

Big problem. Supplier was closed the extra day because of the Thanksgiving holiday. So I called first thing Monday morning and I'm having to pay out extra for 2 day shipping just to be sure I have that #1 tuning tip by Thursday. (I'm building in a buffer day for the order actually getting filled and shipped).

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Or not.

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