Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Some Today, Some Tomorrow?

So yay, almost all of my Christmas shopping is complete. One small gift for mom to go. I even got most of the packages wrapped, leaving the bows for later.

Christmas cards are ready to stamp and mail.

Two boxes arrived today. Late in the day, but here, nevertheless. One box had the tuning tip needed for Friday's tuning job. The other box is the set of keys that were expected.

Still no fall clean-up guy and since the key job hadn't arrived I decided to get some of the raking done myself. Less to pay the guy if he ever shows up. I hate raking leaves. I had already made a huge pile of them a week or so ago and covered the entire pile with a big blue tarp to keep them from redistributing themselves during windy days. 20 large, lawn and leaf bags later and the pile is gone. I ache tonight. All over. Head to foot. Did I mention that I hate raking leaves? Well, I hate bagging them even more. Tomorrow morning I'll work on the keys and when they reach the 'have to wait for glue to dry' stage, I'll go back to............

raking leaves.


dickiebo said...

Terrible tragedy! B's garden vac has gone kaput. Nick has been told to get a new one for Xmas!

deb said...

Awww, does that mean you have to rake?

Woke up at 7 this morning and looked out my window to see the clean-up guys arriving. Woohoo!