Thursday, December 11, 2008


Dear Santa,

This Christmas I want work. I'll take it as an early gift and please continue it in to next year. I have worked extra diligently this year. I've kept busy with the piano business and I started a part time art business. I even took on a two day per week retail job. The piano business had it's normal earnings months and it had some exceptional months over the past year. The 'art' and retail jobs were just to supplement my income because so much more money was being used up for everyday expenses. Particularly food and fuel. Those two items ate up nearly everything that normally I could have saved. In June, my mom took us on a three day vacation to the mountains. The only extra money I spent was for eating out while we were there. This year has been tight. Just as there seemed to be a slight improvement with gasoline prices dropping, business also fell off. I checked my books from last December to discover a 79% decrease in business December, this year. I have four days of work left at Tuck's and one small crafts fair.

Please bring work, Santa.



dickiebo said...

On the grounds that 'A woman's place is ..........yea, in the home'. So there.
PS. Put up the rent for the lodger!

mary said...

Deb =

How much does it cost to send a bar of soap over the pond?

deb said...

ROTFL. I was trying to think of an appropriate response, thank you!

Up one tuning for the upcoming week. YAY!

dickiebo said...

No good sending soap - or anything else - as our postmen are going on strike. Thoughtful of them just before Xmas, don't you think?
Bloody left-wingers for you!