Friday, December 05, 2008

Sorting and Stuff

I was trying to sort through the mass of papers and whatnot that have accumulated near my computer. Photos, articles, diagrams, email addresses, notes about things to check out someday when I have time and never seem to. Check out or have time. I think this is about the fourth time this particular batch of stuff has been sorted, then stacked without getting semi-permanently filed or stored. At least I threw away a pile of stuff. It would help if I had a real office rather than a corner!

I did take the time to scan and enlarge a postcard that I have been hanging on to for years. It's a picture of Rockport harbor and it looked to have the Minoan in the foreground. That's the reason I've been hanging on to it. I think I even moved it with me from Florida. Anyway, today I discovered that it isn't the Minoan.

I also found two photos of my dad and me installing my living room window. It's the last BIG project that we worked on together.I miss having a project 'buddy'.

I did find the photos I took of the last lot of ivory necklaces for the year. One really nice one is missing. A co-worker at Tuck's bought it the other day, before the photo session!

I went to that tuning today armed with my new #1 tuning tip. I expected it would feel sooo much better on the small pins than my #2 had. Not really, maybe a little, I don't know. I think the pins have become rather rounded off at the top. At least the majority of them. This piano is a 4 foot or less Murdoch grand built in London. Early 20th century, I'm guessing. It needs more help than it will ever receive. Before I even started I had to tighten the lyre bolts. Screech, squeak, squeak, screech as I prepped for tuning. Started tuning without the sound effects but then they started once again. Hmmmmmm, checked the leg bolts. ALL of them were VERY loose! Yikes! Tightened those in a hurry. Tuned, did some minor adjusting to the old Herrburger Brooks action (no reps.) and called it as good as it gets. Came back home and worked on keys.

Saturday should be mostly a fun day. We're going to cruise around checking out some holiday fairs. You never know what I may want to participate in next year.

Sunday, of course, I'll be manning (or womanning) Tuck's Candy Factory by myself AND it's supposed to snow. (I'll take my camera to town with me) Gee, do you think it will be a busy day? Monday and Tuesday (snow again maybe) I'm at the Main St. store.

Then there's still all the sorting that needs to be done. It never ends.

And while I'm thinking of it...

To Do List for Winter 2009...
-finish chapel organ to sell when economy gets better
-finish my player piano
-finish the flooring for my mom (just a small closet left to Pergo)
-create back stock of necklaces for next year's sales
-build a display backdrop
I'm sure there's more but that's a start.

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