Friday, December 26, 2008

Trudging to the New Year

It just has to be a better one, doesn't it?

We got through today. It didn't look promising to begin with, but time moves on. I've got a set of keys just about finished. Wait a minute.

Make that finished.

I worked on them this morning, took 'A' to work for 12:30. Came home and had a quick bite for lunch and then headed out to my 1:30 tuning. Stopped in Gloucester to put gas in the truck. Thank goodness prices are lower. Unfortunately, I was cash poor and had to spend a ten from my Christmas money. At least it bought me what a twenty would have not so long ago.

Arrived at Mrs. Artsylady's house after surviving the attempts on my life by three drivers who each decided to ignore that I was on the road. Mrs. Artsylady lives in a modest home filled with original paintings and sculptures and boasts a spectacular ocean view. The beast was waiting for me. The piano, not Mrs. Artsylady! The beast is a three year old Steinway Model K. There is absolutely no good way to approach it other than several times over! Nothing stays where you try to put it, at least not on the first try. There are some areas requiring massive compromises, distracting overtones, and to add to the misery a mute rail to get out of the way. But Mrs. Artsylady is nice and quiet and stays out of the way, so I can curse at the beast under my breath and get the job done. Takes some extra time, that beast.

I got back home slightly after three and that's when I finished up the key work. Once that was done, I heated up some leftovers for dinner for mom and myself. Cleaned up and headed out the door to pick up 'A' at work.

Another day gone. And a Friday. It always seems like Friday. Tomorrow I'll call and tell the other tech that his keys are finished. Hopefully he'll arrange to pick them up on Monday. More money in the bank! Yippee, the IRS will be wanting it's cut come the new year.


Elizabeth down the street said...

Have you checked out gas at the Irving station after going to Shaws? I've been filling up my behemoth from empty -- something like 19 gallons -- for around $12!!! 'Course that's because I'm shopping for eight... But it's amazing to have a $30-something bill cut down by $20-something!

deb said...

Of course, that's if you are shopping at Shaws. For what I purchase, I do better, pricewise, at S & S. I'm only spending about $50/week for food. Now only about $10 /week for gas. Yay.

Probably to switch for the gas pricing advantage would be a break even.