Sunday, January 28, 2007

Burgers and Fries

Well, gee, I really couldn't think of much news, yet I felt like writing *something* to start the week. So folks, here it is! We decided that it must be the only Art Deco, kosher, trilingual Burger King in existence. Yes, we ate there a lot. And at a local Denny's, as well. Even during the 80's, South Beach dining was expensive. We were going to head to Woody's on the Beach for a nightclub evening until we found out two things....they didn't open until 11 pm and the cover charge was $50/person. Guess they wanted to keep out the riff-raff like us! The club was owned by Ron Wood of Rolling Stones fame.

Anyway, I loved South Beach. If I had *piles* of spare cash, I would own a vacation condo there. Right on Ocean Drive.

Here it is. Part of Ocean Drive during the "restoration" period. Oh yeah, remember that I mentioned the possibility that one of my South Beach paintings had been used as a prop in CSI-Miami? Well, I've emailed them with the question and with pics of the possible paintings. Now I'll wait to see if I hear back. I just think it would be really nifty.

Must be the very cooooooold weather that we are having presently that got me to thinking of Miami Beach! You try delivering newspapers with a wind chill temp of -15.

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