Friday, January 12, 2007

A Long Week

It seems like it has taken forever to get to Friday, this week. Almost so long that I can't remember what Monday or Tuesday were like. I do remember that it rained a little on Monday. It's a trend lately. It's supposed to rain/ice/snow this coming Monday as well. Let's see...Tuesday we made a trip to the mall. I bought a carry case for my new laptop, Amanda bought a DVD and a CD and my Mom bought some ribbon. Oh yeah, I got a cute little piano thingy. It's a little picture frame made to look like a black upright piano.

Wednesday I shipped out two sets of finished keys and it was the day that I took both computers to Bill at Affordable Computer Consultants.

He is a fantastic guy that took LOADS of time explaining things to me, making suggestions, and let me hang out until he was through with the laptop so that I could bring it home to use while the desktop stayed for a couple days. It was a long evening and when I got home I heard about my delay in getting home. Gee, I couldn't believe it! I am an adult and getting "in trouble" for being out for a couple hours does not set well with me. I was home by 8:30. Then I heard about how "if anything happened to Dad......." Come on, I have my cell phone on when I'm away for more than an hour. They knew I was only five minutes from home! I appreciate the fact that they were worried, but this is a bit too much. If my home were not attached to theirs, they wouldn't have even known I was out.

I need a break before I scream!

Thursday morning comes along and my mother has a bad cold. Oh boy, this is trouble. Yes, it is a very bad cold, but really, it isn't fatal. From the whining and complaining and inability to do much of, I run errands. I had a tuning job in the afternoon after driving Amanda to work so I had to rush around to get Mom's errands done first. After the tuning job I had to go to the library for Dad. A quick dinner, some key work, and then off to pick up Amanda and some grocery shopping.

Friday rolls around and Mom is still sick. So it's off to the pharmacy, then delivering newspapers, a trip to the dump with the weeks trash, the bank, lunch, post office, ship off more finished keys, the newspaper office, grocery store again, and then home. I called Bill and he said my computer was ready to pick up. I warned everyone in the extended household that I was going out to pick up my computer and that I would be home .......sometime! Anyway, Bill was great and true to the company name - affordable! I have my desktop back and will get it set up again tomorrow morning. I'm just too tired tonight.


Some other stuff.

Yesterday, a tech that I know from Tampa was in Boston. His son was auditioning at Berkeley School of Music. I wish that I had had time to meet up with them. Maybe if his son does go to Berkeley, we'll get chance to visit on occasion.

Amanda and I were going to spend the afternoon on a furniture hunt. She needs a "unit" for her room. Preferably something that is a cabinet below, space for tv, and then shelves above. We were going to head for Gallaghers in Salisbury, MA. I thought we would look for an unfinished furniture piece and do the finish ourselves. It's better for color matching to her existing furniture and also saves a bit of money. I guess we'll have to schedule that trip for another day. It takes about an hour to get there.

I did get a note written to Derald and Nick. They should get it next week. I found a really nice card that was a repro of an oil painting of Motif #1 at night, in the winter. I gave them this blog address, so maybe they will read and make some comments eventually.

This weekend I'll be getting back to work on the reed organ. With three sets of keys in this week, and all the other stuff, it has sort of been bypassed.

The weatherman says Monday is going to be nasty. I hope not. Next week, though, we're supposed to have temps in the 20's for highs. Yuck and more yuck. Maybe it will only last for one week and then we'll be back to our mild winter.

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