Saturday, January 20, 2007


Thought I'd do something a bit different by including a photo with each post (mostly) and a description. Then get on with newsy stuff. This bulletin board was from when Amanda was in elementary school. Yes, I just went through my photo box! I was in charge of the "Citizen of the Month" program and also all the main hallway bulletin boards as the artist in residence. Anyway, with our cold weather this week, I thought the subject matter appropriate. The iceberg and the ice on the moon were done with iridescent cellophane. It doesn't show up in the photo.


It was on the news the other day that 51% of adult American women are single. First time.


For those that don't know Rockport. We have a horn system. I don't know how long we have had it. It announces locations of fire alarms for our volunteer fire department, ambulance calls, and noon time. Also, school cancellations. We really don't need it anymore as all the needed emergency people have radios. We're just a nosy community. Noontime is 2 blasts, ambulance is 3. We have actual fire alarm boxes that can activate the system or when someone phones in a fire it's called an imaginary box. This code list is published in the phone book so that when the horn sounds we can all figure out where there is trouble. If you have a police scanner (most do) you can get *all* the details as they happen.

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