Sunday, January 14, 2007

Just for Fun

Uh Huh.........

A friend mentioned getting together for fun. She thought I could use some. It got me thinking. Not only about what I consider to be fun, but when was the last time that I did stuff that others would consider fun.

So, I guess the easiest is to think about what I have done that others would consider fun.

  1. I splurged and went to the Piano Technician's Guild Convention and Seminar last June. Although it was work to get everything set for going, and although I attended classes while there, it *was* fun. I got to see friends that I hadn't seen in years. I met a lot of new friends including some that I "met" online. I got to eat out *every* meal!
  2. I go shopping every once in a while for stuff that I just want, but don't really need.
  3. Meeting friends out for a meal. Arranged or not.
And now for a few more things that I consider fun.
  1. Keeping up with some blog friend's lives. I enjoy reading what they are up to. These are three people that I have never met offline.
  2. I enjoy reading email from some friends that I know offline but never have opportunity to meet up with. It's fun to hear their news.
  3. Sometimes my work is fun. I enjoy my work. It's fun when I get to do something totally new and challenging.
Okay, so off the top of my head, there's my fun. I did forget to mention the occasional movie...very occasional.

Hmmmmm......I guess the list *is* rather slim.


vimala said...

deb, you posted a comment on my blog Thanks.

guess what! My ex's hobby was/is BICYCLING.


deb said...

Oh no! After you divorce I wonder if he'll switch to running? Mine did. Ran in a race on Thanksgiving morning rather than pick up his daughter for the day.