Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sweet Comfort

This stuff is dangerous! I can blame my taste for it on my grandpa Jennings. Over the years it has been difficult to find and for many years I could find no store that carried it. When we moved to Dunedin the local "Scottish" store carried it in the familiar green tins that I had come to love! Well, no longer in tins, but here it is.............
I learned to enjoy it on bread or toast. This stuff is 100% pure cane syrup. Talk about a sugar high. Thank goodness a little goes a long way and that after finishing off a tin (or now a bottle) the desire for more goes away for quite awhile. Otherwise I would be enormous because, guess what, Amanda found this at Stop & Shop.

I've eaten about half a bottle's worth this week. I need a few days off as it is *very* sweet. Yummy when you feel like being bad.

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