Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Enough Already!

People prone to perpetual perkiness may prefer to pass on perusing this post.

Yeah, so sometimes I waste a lot of time thinking up drivvle.

It is too !#$%%#! cold today. And it promises to be !#$%%#! colder tomorrow. I've had enough. Woke today to a North Atlantic sky. Nasty looking. It had rained lightly during the night and had frozen on contact. The streets were clear because they had been heavily salted. The ground felt delicate as you stepped on it. Not quite frozen yet with moisture trapped from the previous warmth and rain. Eggshell-y. The really nifty thing could be seen on rooftops. The shingles were coated with ice and looked like they had been sprayed with high-gloss polyurethane. Amanda hadn't noticed it and when I showed her, even she thought it was neat. It's hard to please her with anything that has to do with cold weather. So, all in all, I'm not happy with having to live with this cold weather, either. All it seems to do is remind me of how much I miss sunshine, palm trees, humidity, turquoise water, warmth, and yes, even sweating!


I apologize for the fact that I took great pleasure in NOT delivering to two customers that owed for over a month. Canceled for non-payment. Ha, take that, no news for you to read today.


I *have* established that it was too cold today....I walked on deliveries for 4.5 miles. It felt good to get home and in to warmth. I had no sooner entered than my mom came over to ask, "Are you going out again?" (insert your own nasty thoughts)


"I need a couple prescriptions filled and some hand lotion."

Okay, I'm trying very hard not to get angry. My mom is stretching her cold into week two. All that is left is an occasional cough. I have been out doing errands for her for the past 5 out of 6 days. 5 times to the supermarket, 3 times to the pharmacy, 2 times to the library. I ask that she call in the 'script refills so that I can make one trip to pick them up when I drive Amanda to work, rather than either having to wait for them or make two trips. I've got piano work to get done. ("CT" has dropped off another set of keys, the reed organ needs to make progress towards completion as another is waiting to come in....). BTW, I'm waiting for glue to dry as I write this, so don't be wondering! AND I'M TIRED.

I went to the cellar to work for awhile.

A little before the time I would be driving Amanda to work, I asked my mom if the 'scripts were called in. She'd gone out herself to get them. YAY. She said she tried calling them in and it was an automated system. She got mad and decided it was easier to drive there. She's attempting to do the guilt thing about how very ill she is and I made her go out on her errands. The key word is attempting. I'm too irritated to feel guilty!


Got a call from a tech that I had done some keytops for last week. Says don't use the check he sent.....it'll bounce. Thanks, I've already deposited the check. Which brings to mind....I haven't gotten my bank statements yet this month. They usually arrive by the 7th........which brings to mind......I haven't gotten my IRS booklets and forms. Amanda got her state booklet with the forms, not me. And no federal stuff yet.


A thought because of a typo I made (and corrected so don't look) in the last bit. If you can say: I've. Why can't you say: I'ven't? I may use it in the future anyway.


They raised the minimum wage in MA. It's now $7.50/hour. Amanda has been working at Stop & Shop for 3 years. She started at minimum wage and has repeatedly received raises over the years. Her raises are now ignored as her hourly rate is increased to the minimum wage. So much for being there for 3 years. She now earns the same as a newly hired employee. There is something wrong about that.


Well, to end on a better note. When I look to the northwest, I see blue sky. It doesn't seem to want to make it here today and it hurts my face to look into the gusty winds out of the northwest for too long, but eventually we'll see the sun. I know tomorrow will be brutish weather. Wind gusts over 30mph and temps around 20 degrees - horrors. At least we are half way through January!

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