Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Treat in the Mail

Wow, what a great surprise in my mailbox today. My real mailbox...out in front of the house...the one that gets all the bills put in it :-(...you know...it has a door on the front...and a red flag that we never use. We don't use the flag because for some bizarre reason we are afraid that our outgoing mail will be misplaced, dropped, or eaten by the mail carrier.

Okay, not eaten. But the other stuff is distinctly possible. Anyway, we drive (or walk) to the post office with our outgoing mail. That's what the red flag is for - to let the mail carrier know that there is outgoing mail to be picked up.

Oh yeah, the surprise.

Derald and Nick sent me a Christmas card and letter. Yes, they are a bit late with their cards this year. According to the letter, they have been verrrrry busy. D and N were piano tuning customers of mine in Florida. They have a beautiful Victorian style home that they have been renovating FOREVER! Anyway, we don't really keep in touch that much. Just an after the holidays card, letter, or note. The first year that I was away from "home" (FL), having moved back to MA, they sent me a Statue of Liberty glass Christmas tree ornament *and* a beautiful beaded box, from Saks Fifth Avenue, depicting the Statue of Liberty. Talk about special customers. In the card, this year, they said "we miss seeing you". I miss them, too. It was always such a special treat to go to their house, even though it was for work. Super nice guys that always made me feel like part of their extended family. Usually I was there to tune the piano for a special party that they were having. Even though I never managed to attend - they always invited me to join in the fun. This year they said they had over 200 people for their annual Halloween Open House. At Christmas, every room in the house was decorated stunningly. Most rooms had their own tree. Derald would always be baking loads of goodies!

While I am computerless at the end of this week, I'm going to write them a nice letter.

I really hope I get back to Florida soon to see all of my friends.

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