Sunday, January 07, 2007

Three R's

Rumors Running Rampant

I just don't get it. Why is "Complaining Tech" so intent on spreading rumors about tech ABC. I really don't care if any of it is true. Today, it was done under the guise of "thinking of you". Yep, the tech who has no problems with mistakenly complaining about my work and whose "partner" bailed on a job owing me some significant money (I no longer care to pursue the cash or the job I'm that irritated and disgusted with him). All of a sudden they are concerned that I may have "stuff" that is now behind "lock and key" at tech ABC's shop. Seems there are BIG problems - supposedly.

Frankly, I'm tired of hearing about it. My fascination is in the whys that make "Complaining Tech" driven to spread the rumors. For a few moments I even considered consulting the PTG about his practice. But, that's just not me. Can't do it. I don't want to cause any waves and quite honestly I think "Complaining Tech" is doing a good enough job on his own....doing in himself and losing business due to his attitude. Higher ground will be the best approach for me!

Another thing...this is a small town and a small island (okay we have two bridges to the mainland). I truly believe that the local newspaper would have picked up on the type of story that was told to me. It would be scandalous, trust me.

So, my conclusion. It is "Complaining Tech" that has business problems. They are of his own making. Throwing words about concerning tech ABC is "CT's" warped way he thinks he can get more business. Shoot down the competition seems to be his mode. Let me say this.............

It doesn't work.

I will also say, at this point, I have not heard these rumors from anyone else in the community.

Are the rumors true? Could be, maybe. Maybe some part in truth. It would be a shame. Really, truly, and sincerely, competition is good for business. There are enough pianos to go around. There is no need to be unscrupulous or to step on toes. And I like tech ABC. He seems to be an okay guy. Disclaimer...I'm sometimes give people too much credit. I'll put it this way, he's always been up front and honest with me. He's been pleasant and helpful. He always has paid me, on time, for any sub contract work that I have done for him. The only bad words I have heard about him are from "CT".

It just makes me uncomfortable to be on the receiving end of these RRRs.

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