Friday, January 26, 2007

In the Mail

At the right you see a belated "Season's Greetings" card that came in the mail today. It is from Y, the customer with the Kawai reed organ that I rebuilt last fall. What an unexpected surprise. Here's what she wrote in the card:

Hi Debra, I wanted to say thanks earlier for your wonderful works and efforts for the rebirth of my old organ. It is really nice in our livingroom, I mean, the organ looks nice and sounds good (well?). It was wonderful to visit your parent's beautiful residence twice last year. We had a good time with you all. I was warmed by your Mom's kindness and smile. I thanked your Dad's patience and forgiveness. Please convey my highest regards to your parents. (I'm sure P___ agree with me). Sincerely, Y____

I thought it was really super for her to send this. A little explanation of the comment about her saying that she thanked my father's forgiveness...................
Y____ is Japanese and immigrated to the states when she married P___. In the den at my parent's house (where the organ was delivered and picked up), my dad has on display photos and medals from his service in the Navy aboard the aircraft carrier Lexington, on which he was sunk during the Battle of the Coral Sea, and also stuff from his second ship the USS Alabama. So it was quite obvious that he fought in the Pacific campaign. Anyway, while they were here there was just a little general discussion about the ships. Didn't bother my folks at all that Y___ is Japanese. They were actually concerned that she didn't feel uncomfortable. Quite by accident my mom had put away the "Time" magazine special issue on V-J Day! Thankfully!

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