Thursday, January 04, 2007

I Think

What do you think?

I think that cabinet doors should be shut after you're done getting out what you need. Drawers, too.

I think if you borrow something it should be returned.

I think if you have to borrow something without asking, it should be returned promptly, before the owner needs it, and to the same place as you got it.

I think everyone should pick up after themselves.

I think when you run out of room for things, you have too much.

I think kids should be taught to take care of their things. Why are bicycles and scooters left out in the rain and snow?

I think it should go a step further and toilet *lids* should be put down.

I think there is a black hole in the floor of my workshop.

I think for one week, with no warning, everyone should be required to live on a barter system. No cash, checks, or credit.

I think everyone should know how to count back change.

And now....

I think I'll quit.

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