Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dreaming....(just for fun)

THE puzzle. It was challenging to do, more challenging to transfer and afix it to a precut (by me) board without having to do it over!
So...the dream.
Someday they will reopen the actual statue for visitors. Presently it is just the base that is open. I want to go up to the crown. It would be fantastic to climb into the torch, but I have a fear of heights so climbing that ladder would not happen for me. I can force myself to manage the stairs.
So...the day comes that crown visitation is allowed. Guess who is first to do it (remember this is a fun dream)? You've got it - me! You see somehow someone discovered that I have a huge collection. So, on this special day I have been a guest on the "Today Show" (hee, hee). We have assembled the entire collection for the show, then they follow along as I make the trip to Miss Liberty. Lots of fun! Dreams are good!
BTW, you see the little photo on the bookcase, to the left of the Liberty puzzle (sort of across from her armpit)? That's a photo that was taken of my mom when she was 10 years old. She was in costume for a play she was in as......THE STATUE OF LIBERTY.

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