Monday, December 04, 2006

Mainly Miserable Monday

Let's hurry up and get today over with, please. First, I woke up to snow this morning. Not one of my favorite things. Yes, it looks pretty and all, but I hate *having* to be out in it. Thankfully it didn't last long and most of it has now disappeared with a bit warmer temp and sunshine.

Then it happened....

I was exiting the end of our street driving my truck (had made the stop and waited for traffic to clear) to cross over Main Street to High Street. All was clear. I started across and had nearly made it when a women pulled out of High Street to turn "out of town". She never looked to her left (where I was). As she pulled out she continued looking to her right. She ran right into me. Pushed the rear end of my truck sideways for quite a bit. Fortunately, even with her lack of "vision" she didn't damage my truck (nothing apparent). I couldn't believe it! I looked and looked at the rear quarter of the truck and NOTHING. She had minor bumper damage to the driver's side front of her car. Huh??? and nothing on mine?

Well, Officer Roger and Officer "I Like Mike" showed up. We kept looking at my truck and then I saw it. There is a large black scrape across the tire/wheel/rim. Anyway, pertinent info was exchanged, no injuries, report filed.... So far my tire seems okay and the truck seems to handle fine considering the substantial sideways trip it took! As we were getting ready to leave, the woman apologized (don't ever do this at an accident as it shows an acknowledgement of blame) and said that she would let me pull out first. Officer Mike laughed at that comment.

I hope the rest of today is calm.


mary said...

Well when I said that I was looking forward to your next word pictures, I didn't mean loud crashing ones. I am glad that you and the truck are okay but it is a shock to your system to get pushed around that way. Here you are being alert and minding your own business and the next thing you know, your truck is NOT going in the direction you had it pointed. Yikes, what a way to start the day off wrong. You must have been shocked. Hope she wasn't a local and is a repeat offender.

Thanks for asking - I think I have more oomph today. Being off balance is no fun - and yes, there are a ton of puns but I'll spare you! :-)

We had lunch at Ellens yesterday and then they closed at 3 until late spring. I love getting their baked potato and garden salad. Where do you go during the winter? I'll miss them for sure.

deb said...

Although I'm glad that no one was is a pain in the butt! I've decided to take the truck to have the rear wheel checked. Although everything seems fine, I don't want any surprises down the road (literally and figuratively). So, I'll have to get up early in the morning to take care of that. There was a message on my machine from the "others" insurance company about taking care of any claim. I'm just going to have things checked out and then take the info, including the name and contact info for the adjuster, to my insurance company. I won't "deal" direct.

We went to Ellen's around 1-ish. My folks will go to "The Captain's Lodge" restaurant a couple times a week over the winter. I'm not too fond of it so I'll have to learn to make something at home!