Monday, December 11, 2006

Reading Review

Well, I just got finished reading John Grisham's new book, "The Innocent Man". And I am a bit speechless. It was an intriguing look at the injustice done Ron Williamson (and others) and his death penalty sentence, years on death row in Oklahoma, and his subsequent exoneration. The story, in and of itself, as far as the single focus of "justice" in only "solving" and sentencing *someone* was unfortunately not surprising to me. Grisham's writing of the story, however, was lacking punch. I do want to say that I *love* Grisham's fiction books and I was very excited when after a couple years of no new book from him "Innocent Man" was published. As soon as it hit the bookstores I bought a copy. Sad to say, it was a struggle to read. I felt nothing towards any of the real people in this book. It was soooo dry and matter of fact that I could have been reading the actual court documentation and Grisham's interview notes first hand. I felt that while reading I should have cared about Williamson and his family, I should have cared about the victim (meaning Williamson as well as Debbie Carter), I should have been angry with the blatant lies, irresponsibility, and failure of the system and those who perpetuated that failure. NADA. Grisham could have given so much more. I guess he may need to stay with fiction so that he feels free to give the "characters" life.

Last night I started reading "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks. This is easy reading. Totally different from anything that I normally read. I say that having read all his books LOL. It's his style of writing rather than the subject matter that hooked me. Nice stories, friendly prose, a delight for the "act" of reading. I'll write about this latest from Sparks once I'm finished.

After that I may reread "Cruel Doubt" by Joe McGinniss. I read this to keep my mind occupied during the divorce proceedings from RC. At the time, I found it riveting. The jacket has this to say...."In Cruel Doubt, Joe McGinness probes the dark heart of family life and brilliantly weaves together the tangled strands of this fascinating and terrifying story-at once murder mystery, courtroom drama, and a heartbreaking account of a mother's love and courage. This is his strongest book to date."

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