Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lefts and More

It seems alot of my friends are left-handed. I wonder why? I'm right-handed.

It's a good thing, too. The left of my left is troublesome. Arthritis. And it's all on my left side. And of the locations, it is the left side. The left side of my left ankle, the left side of my left wrist. The wrist has been the most trouble lately and sometimes makes it hard to work. My left index finger, my left thumb. It is, however, the worst on the right side of my left thumb because that's the spot I mashed last spring.


I tuned the Steinway M at the Art Association this afternoon. There was an office party tonight. Remarkably the piano wasn't toooooo bad. This piano needs TONS of work. Anyway, it is sort of a pleasant place to work. Lots to look at in the big gallery while listening to the piano. The big room does make the tuning tiresome. The top three octaves reverberate noisily. The room "grabs" the sound of the hammer impact louder than the tone produced by the strings. This is very annoying to listen "through". Ginny came by and we talked for a little bit. It was a nice break during some of the above mentioned octaves.

I timed the tuning perfectly, by accident. I got there around 1 pm and was just finishing up as the caterers began setting up tables. Glad I missed working around all their noise.

On the way out I stopped by the shop. I bought a couple notecards that are repros of paintings of Rockport in the winter and at night. I've been writing to a friend's mom-in-law every couple of weeks. She recently lost her husband to cancer and then her son died. She has been very lonely and hasn't many social opportunities as she doesn't drive. I had been writing to both her and her husband during the time he was ill and now it just seems right to keep in touch with her. Anyway, it gives her a little something different in the mail every once in awhile. The cards are real pretty.


Dad went to his primary care doctor this morning. He is doing okay. His doctor was a bit surprised and told my dad that he was doing much better than he expected him to be. Does that translate to, "I'm surprised, you should be worse considering...."? Oh well, we'll take the good news for now!


It's been profitable walking. In the past two weeks I've found: 3 pennies (one very mutilated), 2 nickels, 4 dimes, and 7 quarters. And....3 screws, one bungee cord, and a car key (yeah, I picked it up and I don't know what I'll ever do with it).

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